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      Hello TRADEPRO’s,

      In this post, I walk you through the platform setup process for members looking to set up their AMP/Sierra connection for the first time.

      If you are looking to set up your AMP/Sierra connection, you must first have your AMP account approved and funded (*this is an extremely important prerequisite).

      In the AMP client portal, visit the Platform Setup Tab:




      Input your personal information and account number and scroll down to the data feed options >>select “Sierra Chart – Denali – CQG (No Data – Order Routing only)”

      We also suggest passing on the “special offer” – find out why here

      Click “Submit” to submit the platform request to AMP trading desk for set up.


      You will receive an email from CQG and will need to take a couple of steps in order to set up your credentials- click the link in the email to update your password and sign the EULA agreement to get your account live.


      Once you have these credentials, you can move onto Sierra Charts to download the platform, create a new account, fund your service balance and configure the data and exchange settings.

      Start by navigating over to Sierra Chart and create a new account directly from the homepage.

      Download the platform, create a new account, and log in to the website.

      To start this process, you have to make a payment to top up your services balance in Sierra.

      Navigate to the Account Management tab >> Make a payment

      The monthly cost of doing business is $77.20 USD so you can round up to $80 and choose how you would like to pay.

      Once you receive confirmation the payment went through successfully, navigate back to the Account Management tab >> Activate Services

      Under Available Services select package 11: Advanced and Denali Data feed and click update/set.

      Once you complete this step, the Denali feed will become active and the orange tab will now be green.

      The next step in the process is to sign the two real-time data agreements in the CME/CBOT/ NYMEX/ COMEX Exchange Agreements link.

      Once you sign both of the exchange agreements, you will navigate back to the activate services tab and the CME/CBOT/ NYMEX/ COMEX Exchange Agreements tab should now be green.

      The final step in the process is to activate the CME exchange subscription in the Activate/Deactivate Denali Exchange Data Feed Exchanges tab.

      We use the Full CME Group (CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX) with Market Depth for nonprofessional Trading accounts option which is conveniently the first option on this page.  Click the activate button in order to enable this exchange on the account.  

      Once you complete this final step by activating the full CME group bundle, you should now be all green when you get back to the activate services page.

      If your page looks like the below image, then you are ready to actually open your Sierra charts platform and connect the data and order routing accordingly.

      That wraps up the process to enable CQG order routing on your AMP account and how to sign up and set up access to the Sierra Charts platform and CME data bundle through the Denali Exchange data feed.

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      Nagendra S

      Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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      Paul D

      I can’t view the images on this thread. Is there a better spot to get info on setting up AMP and Sierra?

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      Paul D

      I found it here, thanks

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      Patrick L

      Hi I cannot see the images either – thanks for the link Paul D

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      Dan L

      And what do we do if AMP declines our application?

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      Joel C


      I have carefully followed instructions, data is working and the chartbook is opening just fine on my home PC, but for some reason, on my secondary PC, every chart windows are grey / blank.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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      Javier G


      I hope you can help me.
      I have an account with td ameritrade but I am trying to use Sierra charts and link it to my account but I can´t find how

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      David F

      i am trying to download the Sierra charts, per the first lesson.
      I do not have the option shown by the instructor.
      please see attach word document with screen shots
      please help
      David F.

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